Doodle army 2: Mini militia

Awesome Adventure, Doodle army 2: Mini militia

Doodle army Mini militia is a popular mobile game that has been downloading over 1m of the player until now and day by this number is increasing. However, you can use mini militia download mod apk Doodle army. The mini militia is an FPS game which reminds the players’ a legendary Counter-Strike game.

How To Play Doodle army 2: Mini militia

The mini militia is offering you two options, you can play both offline and online game. In the offline game mode, you are fighting against bots. In offline mode, each time you play your military rating will rise in rank so that you can level up, you can achieve a different kind of amazing weapons and you will gain different equipment which you can use in a battleground and help you to survive as the last man standing. Doodle army mini militia mobile apk. However, most of the Mini militia players prefer to play Mini militia in the online mode. In the online mode you can fight against a real online player from all over the world. If you want to play online there is no limitation for your grade. Every player will have the same grade but some weapons and equipment are locked.

However, if you do not have the money to spend the game you probably need to do some cheat. Doodle army mini militia mobile apk could help you open that locked weapons and equipment. Do not worry the main chief of this game is to kill your enemy as possible as you can kill. Do not worry if you are die, you can use it again and kill your enemy!


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