Marvel Contest Of Champions

Marvel Contest Of Champions

Marvel Contest of Champions is an awesome fast-moving smartphone game in which you use the legendary superhero of Marvel Cosmic. You can use Marvel Contest Champions mod apk download to cheat and gain some advantages. The game is offering you to spend very joyful time with its high-quality graphics music and it has an epic story’s. Marvel Contest of Champions has two option one of them is a story mode.

How To Play Marvel Contest Of Champions

In the story mode, you are trying to finish the map and story by fighting against bots. At the beginning of the story your rival bots can easily defeat but after you continue to progress on the map the difficulty level is getting an increase. Plus each time you finish the story map you will gain some gems and new chest. If you want you can pay to buy gems and by using it take new high-grade chest to gain 5-star character. But if you download Marvel Contest of Champions apk cheat mod you have unlimited gems and you can buy so much chest to defeat your enemy easily. After you open this chest you will gain new character. There is all the famous character of the Marvel cosmic such as Spiderman, Hulk, Death pool, Punisher, Gamora and Star-lord. Each hero has different type of attack and defense power. You can control the heroes all of them have different attacking and defense style.

So that you feel like you are in the movie and control the superhero and help him to defeat their enemy! The power of the superhero is determinate by looking how many stars they have. The strongest character card has 5 star and the weaker one has 1 star. You have to train your character’s skill unless the rival of them beat you easily. Plus you can also fight against online players in versus mode! Just download Marvel Contest of Champions apk cheat mod and enjoy the game.

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