PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds as known as PUBG is a most popular online multiplayer game. Throughout the world, PUBG has 1.5 million active players and day by day this number is increasing. Today it is impossible to hear the name of the game because every single day thousands of people start to play this game plus there are thousands of videos which recorded to gameplay. The popularity of this game is increasing day by day if you wonder and want to play the game you can use Pubg mod apk download and start to play this game on your smartphone. Because of you play in the game against the crowded real active players you can need some cheat for eliminating the other players and become number one of the game so that you need the pubg download cheat mod.

How to Play PUBG?

At the beginning of the play, you need to choose your character’s gender and beginner level clothes. After you start to game you will get points after you get enough points you will earn pubg boxes. After you open this boxes you will have gotten a different type of hairstyle, clothes, and characters. After you set your character you can start to gameplay by pressing the start button. At first every player for a few minutes in a waiting place.

After the time up the game start with the parachute jumping. After the jump, from the plane, you can control the character to land where you want to start playing. It will be better to choose a safe place at first. After you landed you need to find some equipment to help your survival. Weapons, arms, and boxes are separated on the different place on the map and in the houses. Be careful you are not alone in the arena there is so many enemies who wants to hunt you!


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