Shadow Fight 2

Best Android Game : Shadow Fight 2

Shadow fight 2 is an amazing epic ninja fighting game which you can play it on your mobile phone. These days shadow fight 2 is so popular among the people. The game has its own epic story which provides to give you a purpose to fight against the player to beat them and level up

How To Play Shadow Fight 2

In the game weapons are so important equipment to beat your rival easily but you need to beat your enemy and level up your character by defeating your enemy in the tournament. Each time you beat your rival in the tournament you will gain new weapon also you can buy new weapons from the game store. However, if you do not want to waste your money Shadow fight 2 download mod apk could be helpful to open new weapons for you. This cheated version provides you very enjoyful game playing and spends funny movement with your friend. Even if the Shadow fight 2 is free game sometimes you could be needed to buy gems for buy new weapon, however, cheat mod Shadow fight 2 downloads provided you to free gems so that you do not need to spend your money for the game.

Shadow fight 2 has a very easy gameplay, with your left hand you move your character on the arena and right hand you can attack to your enemy. Every time you beat your rival the story of the game will progress and you will reach next episode. How much you make combo you will take more coin at the end of the rounds. So that you had better make combo often. If you fight the attack repeatedly as a result of how much you make combo you will earn coin. After your energy end, you need to wait until it refills it again.

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