Subway Surfers

Android Game Subway Surfers

Subway surfers is very popular fast moving mobile game. It has been downloaded over 26 million in play store. This number shows us how popular of this game. The reason why subway surfers is so popular that it has so joyful game playing. It has so simple game control.

How To Play Subway Surfers

If you love to play escape game you would love this game too. Apart from the other runner game subway surfers offers you 3D graphics and music quality. Plus subway surfers is updated in every month. Thanks to this update you can run the different city from all over the world. The main chief of subway surfers is running from a cop who wants to catch you. While you are running you need to collect coins which will be useful to buy some booster. Sometimes this booster can appear while you are running away if you collect booster you gain some extra ability to do. So that booster can save your life in the game. Subway surfers cheat apk download can help you to achieve new abilities and locked character.

At first, you can only control one character but there is so many colorful characters you need to pay to unlock it. If you Subway surfers apk mod download you do not need to pay to unlock another runner. If you have not got a money to spent game Subway surfers cheats apk download and run as far as you can run. Plus if you download and play in the cheat mode you will spend very joyful time because in the normal game after a few periods you could be bored to run with the same character or without a booster but Subway surfers cheat apk download offers you to a different character for controlling while you are in the game. Plus you can use respawn key without spent any gems!


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